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  • sage x3
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    A better way to manage the entire business, at a lower cost and on a global scale.


    LATAM Fiscal Requirements Enhancement for
    Sage Enterprise Management

    Does your company have subsidiaries in Mexico or LATAM?
    Do you have issues managing local requirements such as electronic invoicing, tax declarations and compliance reporting?

    Other localizations in Peru, Chile & Colombia COMING SOON

  • Acumatica

    Leading provider of cloud ERP and cloud accounting software with customizations specific to your business.

    Retail & eCommerce
    Wholesale Distribution
    Service Industries
    Software & Technology

  • Nectari Business Intelligence

    Nectari Business Intelligence

    Managing data can be overwhelming for business owners, but it doesn't have to be! Nectari will help you develop a better understanding of data and how you can use it to make better business decisions. It fully integrates with Sage 100 and Acumatica, and it also provides upward mobility. As your company grows, Nectari will grow with you.

  • Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical

    Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical

    The medical devices and pharmaceutical industries are evolving as we discover new and better ways to treat patients. We've built domain expertise and intellectual property in the medical distribution and manufacturing industries.


  • hosting & IT services

    Shelter Your IT From the Storm

    Offering “Peace of Mind” Solutions specific to your business needs

    Southeast Computer Solutions can keep you safe, supporting all your cloud hosting and computing needs. No matter what challenges you're facing, these products and solutions make sure you'll come out on the sunny side.

    Shelter Your IT from the Storm
  • sage 100
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    Our team can help you implement and customize Sage 100cloud to get your business running more efficiently.


Are you experiencing the pain of an incomplete or failed software implementation?

Our passion is to save every patient.

Here's wHat you need to know about UDI

Hear from UDI expert Abraham Farhan about deploying medical device manufacturing software with Southeast Computer Solutions.
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the difference between sage 100 & SAGE 100cloud

This webinar will teach you about the major differences between Sage 100 & Sage 100cloud; you'll also receive a demo of Sage 100cloud.
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enterprise management Tips, Tricks, & Tactics 

Looking to navigate Sage Enterprise Management more effciently? Our on-demand webinar offers 5 tips, tricks, & tactics you may not know!
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  • business management software 

    "With Southeast Computer Solutions and Sage 500, we have more user visibility, better division of work, enhanced security, and a database we can rely on. "

    Oscar Ramirez, Jr. – Bolivar Trading