by Provenio Technology

The Sage X3 Process Manufacturing Solution

We Know Process. So we built Procession.

professionals with the skill and experience from our team of certified Sage developers and implementation consultants. This solution was born from the need of actual specialty chemical professionals seeking a solution to fully leverage Sage X3 for all facets of their business.

Food & Beverage Solutions

Robust business management for food and beverage manufacturers: Procession and Sage ERP X3

Volatility is standard operating procedure in the food and beverage business. Between uncooperative weather and fast-changing food trends, you can never take supply and demand for granted. You need systems that will help you change course quickly and make the most of limited resources.

Providing a complete business management system, Procession and Sage ERP X3 delivers real-time information based on centralized data to help you see the big picture and make decisions quickly. Centralized information that spans the supply chain allows you to gauge the effects on decisions on every aspect of the business.


Ease the burden of compliance

The Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, has transformed the industry, affecting how you track, process, and package your products. The FDA is doubling its inspection schedule every year to make sure FSMA regulations are fully in place. While ensuring your entire operation is in full compliance will be challenging, Procession and Sage ERP X3 can make it easier. With Procession and Sage ERP X3, you can streamline the processes and reporting to simplify compliance with:

Farm-to-fork transparency builds customer loyalty

Your customers—including distributors, retailers, and consumers—want more transparency. When you build trust in your brand, you stand out from the competition. Procession and Sage ERP X3 will help you demonstrate transparency with:

  • Tracking of properties and nutritional content by product
  • The ability to include formulas or recipes in quotes to customers
  • Management of samples for prospects and customers
  • Create Certificates of Analysis by lot and send them with the shipment or sample.

Use your data to forecast more accurately

With the powerful business intelligence tools in Procession and Sage ERP X3, leverage historic data to produce more accurate forecasts to control costs and build on opportunity. In addition, Procession and Sage ERP X3 will help you put your data to work with:

  • Embedded business intelligence powered by Business Objects™
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Extensive traceability and audit tools
  • Intuitive query tools

Chemical Solutions

A complete business management solution for chemical manufacturers and distributors: Procession and Sage X3

To take advantage of the opportunities and manage risks, you need to use technology to help employees focus on innovation and quality instead of administrative burdens. Procession and Sage X3 are built to automate the processes that support regulatory compliance, quality control and safety—specifically for the chemical industry.

Reduce the risks inherent to the chemical industry

Procession and Sage X3 provide you with the tools to improve safety and handling management, reduce emergency response time, and ease the burden of regulation compliance and reporting. Chemical manufacturers in the United States and Canada have until June 1, 2015 to become GHS compliant. Chemical distributors have until December 31, 2015. Sage X3 with Procession includes GHS compliant package and product labels that can be easily customized to your products and a SDS functionality that allows the conversion of existing MSDS to the SDS format.


Use your data to increase business insight

Your business is collecting more data than ever before, most of it not being used fully. With Procession and Sage ERP X3, you transform data into useful information with:

Accelerate your return on investment

If you are already using Sage X3, you can be up and running with Procession in as little as a day. If you’re replacing a legacy ERP system with Sage X3, Procession will help you get the full value of your investment faster.


Support a mobile workforce

Your workers are on the move. Every business management solution your organization uses must support the workforce of the future. With Procession and Sage X3, you get the mobile functionality that keeps people productive and connected, including: