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support and It consultingThe whole concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) originated in the large industrial types of companies to simplify processes and workflow. Today, ERP is available to a wide range of companies of all types and sizes that do business globally.

If your organization has multiple sites, complex multi-national, and multi-company requirements and the need to standardize worldwide operations, you need a global ERP system. 

Global ERP systems are comprehensive and serve a variety of business functions including manufacturing, order entry, accounting, purchasing, warehouse management, transportation, and human resources.

Sage allows U.S. companies operating in Latin America and the Caribbean to follow GAAP rules, as well as localization requirements in each country, and allows merging of data to provide consolidated financials and gives executives a bird’s eye view of the entire company. The built-in Business Insights provides single-click access to analytical tools to view the organization’s overall performance and puts this data at your fingertips.

Affordable Software for Caribbean and Latin America

The only ERP solutions available to Caribbean, Central American, and South American companies have been small entry-level solutions or very large tier-one applications (i.e. Oracle, SAP), creating a gap in levels of sophistication and functionality.

Growing companies in these regions no longer have to leap between entry-level packages to million dollar solutions. Sage Software has a feature-rich mid-market system designed to meet the needs of clients of all sizes. Specifically, Sage 500 which is now available in Spanish. As well as  Sage Enterprise Management which is also available in Spanish and offers local legislation requirements for Mexico and other countries. 

scrollMexican Fiscal Enhancements Requirement for Sage Enterprise Management 

Whether the needs are strictly accounting, distribution, manufacturing or a combination of them, Sage Software can meet the needs along with keeping a focus on each country and its unique localization requirements.

Bolivar Trading Case Study

Quick Software Implementation for Global Companies

Southeast Computer Solutions (SCS) has over 25 years of experience in implementing enterprise resource planning ERP solutions for a wide breadth of clients in different industries. We specialize in Sage Software implementations outside the U.S., including countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, and other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. With over 600 implementations, SCS has the ability to have companies up and running on the system in 3-6 months rather than the typical tier-one solution where implementations may take up to and beyond a year.

Southeast Computer Solutions’ has local consultants in Central and South America that are available to perform on-site implementations to facilitate the process. These experts understand the localization requirements and culture in these regions which smoothes the process and makes for a painless transition.

Multilingual Sage Software Support

Our consultants and support staff in the US and Latin America are multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian). This means companies will have ongoing support personnel that is able to assist the end-users once the system is live as well as communicate to persons throughout the organization. Our staff can serve as liaisons between Sage Software tech support and the end-user to ensure nothing ends up lost in translation.

Companies that have U.S. based headquarters with subsidiaries in Latin America can also enjoy the benefits of our multilingual staff to effectively and efficiently communicate to managers and end-users in their native tongue. Often time operations and financial lingo cannot be directly translated so having a multilingual team to help is essential.


Our team has spent countless hours working with prestigious auditing companies (Deloitte) as well as local tax auditors to ensure Sage Software products are compatible with laws specific to each country.

We have developed numerous features to enhance Sage 500's capabilities including:

Many of these features are foreign to U.S. based accounting applications that we have developed for the Latin American market.

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