ERP Project Management

erp project management

The best way to have a smooth ERP software implementation is great ERP project management means we never leave anything to chance.

Implementation projects are embarked upon every day, and unfortunately, the sobering reality is that most of them run over budget and behind schedule because the project becomes unmanageable and/or runs out of control.

Research indicates that there are three general reasons software projects fail in the end:

Southeast Computer Solutions’ implementation methodology ensures that your ERP implementation project will be the exception to this rule. This implementation methodology is most effective when executed in a well-structured format. Our project manager's primary objective is achieving all of the project goals while adhering to classic project constraints like scope, quality, time, and budget. The secondary, and more ambitious, challenge is to optimize the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

The project manager at Southeast Computer Solutions uses Gantt charts to illustrate the specific start and end dates of the detailed tasks and to create a summary of tasks for a project. These tasks make up the work structure of the project. The Gantt chart also shows dependency relationships between activities as well as necessary resources to complete the tasks.

Before the start of an engagement, the sales team works with the implementation, data migration, programmers, and testing teams to provide an estimate of hours for services. The project manager works closely with the accounting team to track cost and actual hours versus planned hours.

Our project manager will document meeting minutes to record any decisions made and to capture new tasks. He or she will also manage punch lists, which are a tool to track specific tasks and issues as they arise, especially during the testing and go live dates. The project management team is also able to generate Sarbanes-Oxley documentation to meet your requirements. 

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