For the last two decades our sole aim has been to provide our customers and partners with software solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs and facilitate growth. Our two flagship products – BPA Platform and Applications Platform – have been developed so that organizations can quickly and easily build applications, automate business processes and integrate systems, and benefit from solutions that are 100% aligned with existing operational processes and business objectives. A ‘codeless’ experience is the fundamental driver for our two platforms. Removing the code and empowering users through a point and click, drag and drop environment makes our technology accessible to all organizations. This means even the smallest organization can reap the benefits of innovative, enterprise technology at a fraction of the cost that is traditionally associated with this type of product. More than 7000 customers around the world use Codeless Platforms’ solutions in every type of industry, ranging from engineering, financial services and manufacturing to not-for-profit, public services and retail. These relationships remain at the very heart of our business and we continue to transfer all feedback into new functionality and features. If, like us, you believe that creating business applications, automating processes or integrating business systems should be a ‘codeless’ experience, join us on our journey and together we can fundamentally transform the way people view and use business software.

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