Meet our Executive and Management Team

Get to know our team who specialize in all things business management software! Please click on the individual bios to learn more.


Sonia Ferrera, President and Chief Executive Officer

For over 30 years, Sonia has been the driving force behind Southeast Computer Solutions, fueling its growth and assembling a world-class technical and knowledgeable staff. From its founding in 1984 through the present day, Sonia has crafted a unique approach in regards to both supporting customers and creating a unique organizational culture that inspires, encourages, and conveys to publishers, customers, and partners a sense of competency and collaboration.


Ralph Ceccarelli

Ralph Ceccarelli, Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Ralph joined the ERP software industry in 1992 as a software programmer, working for a cross-town Miami-friendly competitor of Southeast Computer Solutions. He was responsible for developing software applications to enhance the customer experience and to add customized, business-specific functionality. He joined Southeast Computer Solutions in 2002 as a business development specialist; he now serves as “second in command” and focuses primarily on the sales and marketing business units within Southeast Computer Solutions.


Bonnie Giourgas

Bonnie Giourgas, Chief Financial Officer

Bonnie has been a part of the senior management team at Southeast Computer Solutions for over 20 years. She is truly the financial “rudder” of the company as it continues to sail, whether through smooth or choppy waters. Bonnie is responsible for the publication of all budgets, financial statements, and management reports, as well as assuming all HR responsibilities, including the oversight of our Time and Billing application. Her firm, yet likeable approach has served Sonia, Ralph and Southeast Computer Solutions very well and she continues to be...


Cindy Driggers

Cindy Driggers, Operations Manager

When we think of the “glue” that holds everything together at Southeast Computer Solutions, we think of Cindy Driggers. Cindy met Sonia in 1989 when she sold the Unix version of MAS 90 (now Sage 100) to the company she was working for at the time. Subsequently, from 1992-1996, Cindy was employed by a family business belonging to a relative of Sonia’s.


Frank Bernal

Frank Bernal, MBA, MSIE, Director of Professional Services

Frank began his career in 1989 and has held several manufacturing-focused positions at Motorola, including engineering manager, strategic planning manager, and program manager. In 1998, he participated in an ERP implementation project that allowed him to learn many aspects of business process flow and how software and business functions interact. In 2002, Frank began to work with customers on Sage products and joined the Southeast Computer Solution team shortly thereafter. 


Roshan Hyson

Roshan Hyson, Senior Software Development Team Manager

Roshan’s career began as a database administrator and project leader for the implementation of the Sage 100 solution. She joined Southeast Computer Solutions in 2003 and, since then, has held positions of increasing responsibility. She manages a team of five developers, engineers, and business analysts in her current position. Along with her management responsibilities, Roshan creates or enhances business system reports, executes data migrations, creates import/export files to interface with third party applications...


Raul Cabarga

Raul Cabarga, Senior IT Manager

Raul has worked in the information technology industry since 1997 and specializes in the technical aspects of Sage ERP systems. He is responsible for the infrastructure needs required to support an ERP system’s database, applications, and user connections. Raul plans and implements major modifications to support customer infrastructures and manages network security by employing high-tech security measures that safeguard company information.


Jaleidy Tannenbaum

Jaleidy Tannenbaum, Sales and Marketing Manager

After heading up the customer service department of Southeast Computer Solutions, Jaleidy has assumed the role of “all things marketing.” She has embraced and enhanced it, and now it’s safe to say she is the CMC – the Chief Marketing Champion – within the company. Jaleidy enjoys learning new things and appreciates that every day is a new adventure. She has an engaging personality and excels at interacting with customers, relishing the opportunity to learn their needs, and to understand their challenges.



Michael Motley_circleProfile Photo.png


Michael S. MotleySolution Sales Consultant

Michael Motley recently joined Southeast Computer Solutions in 2017 as the “Solution Sales Consultant” . He brings a background of software sales and technology with a focus on prospect need analysis and customized solutions. He is responsible for prospecting and targeting new business while identifying and qualifying pain points within current processes and carrying them to increased efficiencies. 




Sissy, Office Mascot

While it’s true that my people brought me in off the street, let’s be realistic – I’m the one who saved them. If not for me, they would endure a life of drudgery and boredom in a stuffy office. They treat me accordingly, however, with a massage every morning, treats, and beds in all the sunniest spots. Of course, I make sure they don’t forget their places by letting them know that what’s theirs is mine – desks, laps, chairs, window sills, holiday decorations, etc. Really, the only thorn in my side is Wes – the dog who invades my home every day. They insist on calling him my step brother, but trust me, no dog will ever be a relation of mine! 



Billy Ray Falce

Before joining the Southeast Computer Solutions team, Billy Ray worked for True Commerce for just over a decade, learning the nuts and bolts of EDI and supply chain management – part of a lifelong fascination of how goods and services move around the globe. (And not just in today's world, but throughout human history.) Now he wants to expand that interest into the inner workings of manufacturing and distribution software with Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) and Acumatica.