Bonnie Giourgas, Chief Financial Officer

Bonnie has been a part of the senior management team at Southeast Computer Solutions for over 20 years.

She is truly the financial “rudder” of the company as it continues to sail, whether through smooth or choppy waters. Bonnie is responsible for the publication of all budgets, financial statements, and management reports, as well as assuming all HR responsibilities, including the oversight of our Time and Billing application. Her firm, yet likeable approach has served Sonia, Ralph and Southeast Computer Solutions very well and she continues to be a vital part of the team while contributing to the creation of its strategic plan and vision.

Prior to her role at Southeast Computer Solutions, Bonnie served in a similar capacity at The Broward County Convention Center’s Food Service Department, which was a customer of Southeast Computer Solutions. Bonnie received her B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Florida International University.

Bonnie is happily married with one daughter, Barbra, who is currently graduating from medical school. She has always had a passion for animals – specifically a love for golden retrievers, which she even decided to breed in 2000, resulting in 9 puppies.