Cindy Driggers, Operations Manager

When we think about the glue that holds everything together at Southeast Computer Solutions, we think of Cindy Driggers.

Cindy met Sonia in 1989 when Sonia sold the Unix version of MAS 90 (now Sage 100) to the company Cindy was working for. Then, from 1992-1996, Cindy worked in a family business that belonged to a relative of Sonia’s. In 1997, Cindy began working at Southeast part time, where she was tasked with guiding customers in preparation for the upcoming Y2K crunch. With the workload increasing, Cindy began her full-time career at Southeast Computer Solutions in mid-1998.
Since then, it's unlikely there's a customer, partner, or staff member Cindy hasn’t met  she's always there to respond to inquiries, direct support calls to the proper technician, provide guidance to newcomers, and deal with anything that Sonia (and everyone else at Southeast) sends her way.
Cindy is such an integral part of the organization and has such familiarity with its inner workings that it's impossible to think of Southeast running smoothly without her we are so fortunate to count Cindy as a critical component of our team!
Although Cindy says her best day at work was back in October 2000 when she won the Florida Lottery’s “Fantasy 5” drawing, we all know that she enjoys working at Southeast so much that every day seems that good!
Cindy loves animals and enjoys her time at home with 'Stache and in the office with Sissy!