Our Company's Key Differentiators

Deliverables are Key

You have needs, and Southeast Computer Solutions wants to meet them. We come to understand what is important to you, and our deliverables start at the beginning of your purchase and continue through implementation and beyond.

You can be confident that your software implementation will be a success because we start by asking the right questions and listening to the answers. We also perform a deeply detailed analysis to understand your business processes and to ensure accuracy during implementation. As an added benefit, we leave you with your very own customized implementation manual.


You can trust Southeast Computer Solutions because our success is evident – we have been an ERP consultant in Florida since 1985 and have 800+ successful implementations under our belt. Our longevity isn’t limited to our business, either, but is also evident in our consultants, all of whom have a minimum of ten year's experience.

Key Differentiators

If You Can Think It, We Can Right (Write) It

Your system should match your business, not the opposite, and Southeast Computer Solutions creates deceptively sophisticated solutions for your complex requirements. With the knowledge that out-of-the-box software often meets only 85-90 percent of your needs, our staff members are qualified programmers with the business knowledge to find creative solutions to fill the gaps.

Investment in Our People

You will find your most valuable asset in our people. The team members at Southeast Computer Solutions are not only certified on the products but are certified trainers as well. We recognize the prevalence of global business in today’s world and also have a multi-lingual staff to reach out across all borders. Our investment in our professionals allows you access to the best resources available.

Company Culture is a Driving Force

Your experience with us will be a professional and pleasant one. The company culture at Southeast Computer Solutions is a balanced mixture of working hard while maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

We Are Accessible

You need help, and it never seems to be during typical “business hours.” We recognize that the current business world holds no traditional business hours, so we’re available 24/7 for all your needs – days, nights, weekends, anytime you need us. You can get continuous support via the internet, email, and telephone, or on-site, based on your location.

Everyone Likes a Safety Blanket

In choosing Southeast Computer Solutions, you will benefit from our broad technical expertise, real-world business experience, and the spirit of camaraderie we share with our clients. You can be confident that we understand the complexities of today’s global business market and realize that you need practical, productive tools to capitalize on the opportunities this market has to offer.

No Finger Pointing

When you choose to work with Southeast Computer Solutions, you’re choosing a company that will give you both the hardware and the software you need to make positive changes. Two companies don't always "play nice," and it sometimes ends with one company blaming the other when issues arise. Southeast Computer Solutions takes care of it all, so your problems will be solved quickly and with no finger pointing.

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