Roshan Hyson, Senior Software Development Team Manager

Roshan’s career began as a database administrator and project leader for the implementation of the Sage 100 solution.

She joined Southeast Computer Solutions in 2003 and, since then, has held positions of increasing responsibility. She manages a team of five developers, engineers, and business analysts in her current position.

Along with her management responsibilities, Roshan creates or enhances business system reports, executes data migrations, creates import/export files to interface with third party applications, and designs and builds database applications and warehouse architecture – all while incorporating industry best practices. She is proficient in Crystal Reports and is knowledgeable about project lifecycles, finance, accounting processes, and a variety of scripting and programming languages.

From St. Georges, Grenada, Roshan earned an Information Management Systems degree from Florida International University. She holds many Sage certifications, including a Sage Enterprise Management System Administrator certification.

Roshan’s two children are very involved in various sports; she herself enjoys running and workouts at the gym. She also has three pets.