Sage 100cloud HRMS

Formerly Sage 100, Sage 100c

Is your human resources information less than accurate? Is your payroll administration complicated? Are your tasks arduous and time consuming?

Use Sage 100cloud’s comprehensive human resource and payroll management solution to fix all that – ensure that your HR data is accurate and complete, simplify payroll administration, and automate tasks.

Sage Human Resource Management modules include:

Sage 100cloud’s human resource management software (HRMS) processes payroll in-house and guarantees that your employees are paid correctly and on time. The software also streamlines payroll data entry, calculates payroll deductions, and keeps track of pay increases.

With Sage´s industry-leading, comprehensive software, you’ll get complete solutions for reducing administrative time and expenses and for managing the heart of your business – your employees.


Sage 100c Cheat Sheet