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Sage X3 offers the flexibility and functionality you need to manage a competitive business in global markets, with a compact and affordable software system for mid-sized companies. It supports all business processes across finance, distribution, and manufacturing within one singular software design, that is affordable, more effective and simpler to manage than comparable ERP software packages.

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Preserve your difference while taking advantage of standard best practices

Preserving its difference in the market is key for your company to remain competitive and grow. Your organization, processes and the unique way you manage your business significantly contribute to your difference. Therefore, opting for a new management system should help you take better advantage of your unique strengths rather than standardize the way you’re doing business in your market.

We know that, while mid-size companies often require customized business applications to support their specific processes – without investing in fastidious one-of-a-kind software developments, they also want to take advantage of the best standard practices in their industry.

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Configured Offerings to Fit Specific Needs as Standard

Therefore, Sage X3 was designed to provide your company with both best-of-class standard management features and in-depth process customization capabilities, while remaining easy to parameterize and avoiding heavy custom developments. The result is a range of configured offerings, covering the standard requirements of your industry as well as being easily adaptable to your company’s specific organization:

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