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In today’s volatile economy, it’s more critical than ever that every aspect of your enterprise be operating at peak efficiency. Built from the ground-up with Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Office technology, Sage 500 software is a complete enterprise management solution

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What Can Sage 500 Do?

Based on our core of unmatched financial accounting software, Sage 500 solutions expand to integrate business intelligence, order processing, distribution, and manufacturing. They were developed to help progressive companies streamline operations, manage with insight, and springboard to the next level.

Core and Advanced Financials

Sage 500 accounting software maximizes your productivity with these core financial accounting software modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Multicurrency Manager, and Asset Accounting. The solid Sage 500 foundation of proven financial accounting software is your assurance of superior business performance in all your business activities.

The core financial modules expanded by integrated solutions provide the tools to record, monitor and report on performance and profitability across your entire organization.  Flexible reporting, allocation, currency, and analysis options increase productivity that puts you in control of your finances so you can manage your company and increase profits.  

Wholesale Distribution Software Modules

Sage 500 distribution software cuts costs, builds profits and manages your inventory like never before. Inventory Management, Inventory Replenishment, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting, Product Configurator, eOrder, Warehouse Management, Warehouse Automation, and StarShip make up a comprehensive menu of convenient, operational and financial accounting software tools just for distributors.  

Manufacturing Software Modules

Sage 500 manufacturing software capabilities are designed for a variety of discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Modules such as Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting, Advanced Manufacturing, MRP, Estimating, Engineering Management, Product Configurator, Shop Floor Control, and Advanced Planning and Scheduling, enable you to take control of your production, gain insight into your true manufacturing costs, and plan and maintain raw materials.  

Time and Project Management Software Modules

Sage 500 Time and Project Management modules offer a unique ability to control projects with exceptional flexibility and helps prevent cost overruns which result in bottom-line savings. Project management software tools help your business achieve the operational edge with powerful features that put you in control of managing projects with exceptional flexibility.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sage 500 provides a level of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) that equips you with the front-office capabilities necessary to manage the growing demands of business while supplying your salespeople with the tools they need in the field. In today’s competitive marketplace, a sales-oriented company’s most valuable asset is its existing customer base. New customers are much harder to come by. Consequently, it’s of utmost importance to take care of your existing customers and serve their business needs. It’s no wonder industry analysts are predicting that customer contact and relationship management will become the largest growth segment in the software market and will have a lasting impact on how companies conduct business in the future.  

Human Resource Management

Human Resources and Payroll modules provide ways for the employees to view benefits and time-off balances while management can access sensitive information through a secure environment with Sage 500. Accurately administering a company’s workforce is vital to its success and growth. Sage ERP professional services automation software offers powerful human resources (HR) and payroll solutions that enable you to automate HR and compliance activities, easily process and track payroll and attendance, and manage employee relationships with insight.  

Sage 500 Reporting

Sage 500 Software offers insightful financial accounting software and business management solutions for mid-sized firms with 20 to 1,000-plus employees. A good system will capture data. But with tools such as Business Insights Explorer and Business Analyzer, Sage ERP, enables you to analyze and respond to business trends, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.  

Sage 500 Customizations

With Customizer and Application Framework, you can modify standard screens and forms to match your specific business process and improve staff productivity with Sage 500 including modifying product screens/forms, customizing reports, personalizing business intelligence, integrating external data, and developing new custom applications that integrate seamlessly. The source code is also available for specialized customizations, delivering ultimate flexibility to tailor Sage ERP to match the way you do business.


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